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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
12:51 pm
You know, paintball is filled with a lot of idiocy (as if that needs to be pointed out to anyone!), not to mention blatant stupidity (well duh!) and I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that the people who play the game are the same ones who are willing to spend fifty or more bucks a weekend to shoot bath-oil beads at each other in the bug infested woods or spend twice as much to dance around behind a bunch of giant balloons while cursing (hell, I do that INSIDE my house for FREE!!!), so I guess its really no surprise that so many companies have taken to advertising their product by pointing out how many podium-finishes their PRODUCT received at the latest national event.

That's right. The advertisers know their market. They know that the idiotic and the stupid will not for one second ask themselves how a paintball, gun, loader, barrel or mask could win a tournament. They know the little squidlies will fall all over themselves running to the PC to place an on-line order for the barrel, paint, gun, loader or mask that's going to catapult their game to international fame, even while they ride the bench. They know squidlies. Yes they do.

"Wow" the squidlet says "now that I have this new (barrel, gun, loader, mask, paint) that the international paintball star in the poster over my bed uses, I'll be on the podium too and all the chicks (whatever they are) will want me too!"

This kind of thing just yanks my chain. Skill gets lost in the fog of marketing a piece of plastic or aluminum and the players who spent an ungodly amount of money and sweat get relegated to the position of showroom dummies: what's the name of that guy that was wearing the mask, filling the loader, pulling the trigger and shooting that paint? Who cares, he's just an automaton and they're a dime a dozen. In fact, they'll put up the dime themselves. Yep, paintball can be stupid.

But you know what really steams my oysters? The numbers. National events draw well over 100 teams and there's four podium finishes in the top ranks for each. For every team crowing out their sponsor's drivel, there's ten, twenty, thirty, forty even fifty other teams that used the exact same gear who finished anywhere but first, second third or fourth.

Can you see the ads? Full page color, cool action photo in the background, hot product shot in the foreground and the tagline - "80 teams that didn't make it out of the prelims at the most recent national event use our product" "use our paint/mask/gun/loader/barrel and you could be watching the Sunday bracket from the bleachers - just like 90% of all the teams we sponsor" or even "Sure we sponsor a couple of top teams, but most of the teams we sponsor are losers just like you".

I guess some people in paintball aren't that stupid after all. Someone had to decide that you'll never see an ad like that.
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
5:04 pm
upcoming game.

Would be cool to see u out for the day. Maybe we can work on the book. lol, feel free to ask any questions

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Friday, July 28th, 2006
11:17 pm
R U a Paintball geek?
1. I refer to my paintball gun as a marker.
2. When buying paint I inspect the goods for freshness as though they were vegetables.
3. I have named my gun.
4. I have slept with my gun or other gear.
5. I commonly wear paintball clothing in public.
6. I talk to my gun.
7. My paintball gun/marker has more upgrades than my car.
8. I prefer going out more with my paintball gun/marker than my girlfriend or wife.
9. I drive by the local field just for the heck of it.
10. I love the smell of a paintball field.
11. I love the smell of Co2 or Compressed Air.
12. I discharge Co2 bottles to cool beverages.
13. My gun/marker is worth more than my car/bike.
14. 23 shots per second isn't fast enough, technology can do better.
15. I know what a warp loader is.
16. When meeting new people I look for vunerability.
17. ALL of my friends play paintball.
18. I subscribe to at least one paintball magazine.
19. I can discuss the differences and qualities of paintballs for more than an hour.
20. I have won a paintball tournament.
21. I have gotten paid or sponsored to play paintball.
22. I want to get paid or sponsored to play paintball.
23. All the trees in my backyard have paint splats on them.
24. Paintball should be an Olympic Sport.
25. I'd rather be playing paintball, right now.
26. I decorated my room/house with a paintball gun.
27. My paintball gun hangs in my pickup truck.
28. I think nothing of firing my paintball gun in my house.
29. My paintball gun is aways in my hands.
30. I wear my paintball gun like it was jewelry, I always have it with me.
31. I have, or have seriously thought about, taking my girlfriend or a woman on a date, which included playing paintball at my local paintball field.
32. Without me my gun is useless.
33."I spend more money on paintball related materials then groceries." or... I" only buy clothes that will be useful while paintballing."
34. You know how to take your gun appart blindfolded.
35. You hunt down the UPS guy when you have a package on the way from paintballgeeks.com
36. You spend more than 6 hours a day checking out paintball web sites comparing prices.
37. You wear your Paintball Pants to bed as pyjamas.
38. You know how to remove the CO2 Tank without making it hiss.
39. You own more paintball clothes than regular clothes.
40. You can name all the pros in alphabetical order
41. When you walk into a new building, you instantly look for sniper places or good cover.
42. You wear your mask(goggles) everywhere you go.
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
5:32 pm
Article written by John Amodea. Executive Editor of Paintball 2Xtremes.

Before I get to the meat of this editorial I want to make this one point very clear: If you do anything on the field that can be construed as dangerous in any way to yourself or anyone around you, you are not only a cheater, but you should probably be banned for life from competitive paintball, especially if you did so knowingly. This includes illegal gun/board modifications, mixing gasses ( if that's even possible anymore), or just reckless play. There's never an excuse to play dangerously or to be dangerous to anyone. Got it? Moving on...

I've just decided that playing with a hit or spinning on your opponent after you've been bunkered is NOT cheating in tournament paintball.

okay, now that I've got your attention...

The debate of cheating in tournament paintball is one that's been going on since the first shot was fired back in 1981. In the first-ever paintball tournament in 1983, players were caught hiding extra paint on the fields to be used in violation of the rules during their later games ( tournaments used a limited paint format back then). From that moment on breaking the rules was part of tournament paintball. But is breaking the rules cheating, or is it simply trying to gain a competitive advantage?

Every competitive sport has rules and consequences for those times when the rules are broken - paintball is no exception.

When was the last time you heard a fan or even the media refer to an athlete as a "cheater" for something they did or a rule they broke on the field of play? I watch more sports than anyone I know and I've never heard it. In football, basketball and hockey when a player gets beat, if they can, they simply grab the opposing player as they run or skate past them. To level the playing field when the opposition is better than you, you simply hold, push, block illegally, or otherwise slow down that player any way you can. Have you ever heard this referred to as cheating? It clearly is gaining an unfair advantage and is in direct violation of the sport's rules, yet it is not only acceptable, it is expected and it is taught at the lowest levels of play.

Have you ever heard the term "hacky-Shaq"? When Shaquille O'Neil ( of the NBA's Miami Heat ) has the ball late in a close scoring game opposing players will foul him as soon as he touches the ball. Why? Because he's a terrible free throw shooter and the odds are that he'll make only one of the two foul shots if he's lucky. Put this in perspective - he is so good that his opponents have to break the rules tostop him, expecially when he was in his prime as a player.

Imagine this scenario: A team is playing Infamous. When the game starts an opposing player runs to the "50," clearly getting shot on the way in. He continues to run across the field until he gets to and bunkers Chris LaSoya. In most sports you'd say "smart move." In paintball people will be pushing for the offending playe to be cut, banned, or tarred-and-feathered. why? Why do we have such high behavioral expectations on the field? No other sports have this...none.

Since the beginning of time baseball players have broken the rules in hundreds of ways. Pitchers scuff the ball so it "breaks" bigger. Hitters have been known to hollow out their bats, replacing the wood with a much more "bouncy" cork substitue. Players steal signs from other players, they purposely run in throwing lanes, and they slide late to prevent double plays. theycommit the infractions and hope to get away with them. When they get caught they pay the price. It's really simple. there's no reputation trashing, no chants of "cheater" from fans in the stands, and no one thinks less of that player.

Here's my kicker - and I know you didn't see it coming. The industry and players set this amazingly high moral standard that they expect tournament players to live up to on the field. It's completely unrealistic and it is amazingly hypocritical. It's okay for players to drink until they get stupid and it's okay to push drug use in paintball ads ( see Zap's 420 line of paintballs ) and it's okay to have half-dressed, never-been-a-player chicks representing your company, but if a plyer stays in the game 30 seconds after he's hit, he's a cheater and his name is trashed. does this make sense to anyone?

It doesn't make sense to me.

"Playing on" is part of the game. If you want to call it less than honorable, I have no problem with that. Let's make the penalities on the field fit the infraction as they do in other sports. the NHL decided this year to not allow clutching and grabbing in an effort to open the game up and produce higher scoring games. What did they do/ They called and average of ten more penalties per game than the average of the past five seasons before 2005-2006. It worked. The game is much more fluid now. The PSP, Millennium Series, or the NPPL can do the same thing if they want to. Call a flag hang for the opponent every time someone plays on. It will open up the games. Or just let it be the way it is and call the infraction what it is -"playing on" not "cheating."

Last point - Don't e-mail me to say I'm encouraging players to break the rules. If that's what you got from this editorail. read it again. What I'm saying is if we're calling tournament paintball a "sport," let's treat it more like one.

John Amodea
Executive Editor
Paintball 2Xtremes


Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this. Personally, I agree 100% with what that article says. Every sport has fouls whereby rules are broken to a minor extent. Look at holding, tripping, etc. in hockey (as the article states) - all tactics designed to hinder your opponent from scoring. Same with paintball - playing on, wiping and the likes are simply means of gaining the advantage over your opponent. It isn't "cheating'...if that were the case, every athlete who's every played competitive sports can be labelled a "cheater".

Cheating to hurt someone (e.g. dwell rampers, etc.), on the other hand, is an entirely different story. When a player breaks a rule that is in place to ensure the safety of the players (again, a hockey reference: the hitting from behind rule...parallel this with velocity limits in paintball), then that person should be punished to the maximum extent possible for that tournament - no exceptions. There's a difference between gaining an advantage and hurting someone.


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Saturday, July 15th, 2006
1:26 pm
Say hello to my new friend. Just got her think she will be named...Cestavila.
Friday, June 23rd, 2006
5:48 pm
woodsball manifesto.
We are Woodsball players. We are the core of paintball. Over 90% of the players play paintball in the woods, and yet 90% of all in-paintball media coverage ignores us. We play not for prizes or money or fame, but for the passion of the game. We play because the challenge is there; every weekend, all around the world. We just need to show up and accept it.

We are not the pretty-boys of speedball. We are the anti-heroes of the mainstream. You won't see us on posters or in videos sliding into bunkers with names like "cans" or "snakes", and that's fine by us. The real game isn't spit shined, groomed and polished or made for TV. It's down and dirty, in the literal trenches. Our fields are not well maintained lawns; it's terrain that both teams overcome. We don't complain about sand or dirt or uneven fields, its part of the world we play in. Scratches and dings in our equipment are displayed with pride, and we can tell you where they happened, and how deep in the crud we were when we got it.

We are the roots of the game that have been abandoned by much of the mainstream industry. We don't throw aside where we've come from to make the game more palatable for an audience. If nobody sees what we do, it does not make the effort or result worth less. We drive through back roads to fields that nobody knows about but ourselves. We know we're there when we lose our favorite radio station and the cell phones won't work anymore. We play under the media radar with no reward other than bragging rights because we want to play. There are no prizes, no million dollar checks, but that makes neither our tenacity to win no less fierce nor our games less meaningful for us.

Our chosen uniform is camouflage, not because we want to be militaristic but because it works. We use our clothing as a part of our game, something that escapes many of the "firefight specialists" that play only arena games. The paintgun is only one tool of a well rounded player, not the only tool. We know this; as we use all the skills and tools we have every weekend.

Based only on our clothing, our gear, and our chosen locations of play, we are looked at as inferior players. We are told we would never stand a chance in a "real game" of paintball. We understand your arena game; yet you refuse to understand our woods game? We are not throwbacks to a long dead game. Yes, we are living history, but we have evolved. We honor our roots, but we do not abandon them to follow the next "promise" in paintball. Long after the "flavor of the month" arena game has worn out, we will be playing in the woods. To know the past is to control our future, and we embrace both.

We are told that we should abandon the woods, for the better good of "the future of the game". Our presence threatens those who never have, and probably never will, understand what the origins of paintball are. They think we will scare away the media by looking like "militia members". Not that fist fights and blatant cheating will attract any better media attention in their games. Not that terms like "Bounce Engineered" or "Ramping Technology" mean anything to the true roots of what paintball started as; what paintball should be. Are the arena players scared of us or ashamed because we remind them what they should be?

We are woodsball players. Any given weekend we'll be playing our game with a grasp on the past and an eye on our future. Players that don't understand will come and go, we know this. They can play under the bright lights in front of audiences and pretend to be rock stars all they want. We'll be in the woods years after you retire, playing the game of paintball the way it always had been played; with honor, with integrity, and with friends. All 90% of us.
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
5:25 pm
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
4:56 pm
Looking for more ppl come and join the fun. Over 400 ppl so far. Ask for info. killiangrey@hotmail.com

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Monday, April 10th, 2006
1:58 pm
 So i got a great idea . I have been working out my ideas to eventually start a paintball field in northern ontario. I have been researching all the fields that are out there and frankly most of them suck.I don't mean to put down their contribution but paintball fields could be so much more then they are.There are some Candian fields that i would recommend one being  http://www.bigfoot-paintball.com/ This place is a prime example of how cool paintball can be. But u ask if a place already exsists why make another ? Sadly the place  i mentioned is in quebec, we need one in Ontario.But i want to make a place that incorporates all the good from the place in Quebec but still add my own twist.The first twist i want to have an outdoor concert facility to bring underground and mainstreem bands to the park. The bonus i feel that it will make people aware of the parks exsistence and allows a tie between music and the sport of paintball thus giveing paintball more exposure in the eyes of the public. Second twist i want to also have 20 cabins as well as strategically placed safe area cabins through the field. This allows games to go on for many days to weeks.  Safe areas allows the suspension of the game  to rest eat and ready for the following 7:00 am deployment back into the game or as the group or renters decide.Third twist small port a poti sized rooms placed throughout the field equiped with of course toilets but also a mask cleaning station complete with towels and anti fog spray.This will greatly reduce the problem of a complete fog out and the bad habit of lifting up a mask to try to clean it. The wash/mask clean room will have natural cover built up around them so they don't become targets of snipers and allows intergration back into the game with better odds .Fourth twist i want to introduce my series of inventions. One of my inventions is a four person bycycle powered paintball tank . The tank 4.5 feet tall with no fixed guns . This six speed wonder has a top speed of 60 kmh it is powered by bycycle pedals but linked separate front and back to its own gear system allowing just the front to pedal while the back shoot or vice versa .steering is controlled by a front mounted wheel type control .Each seating position has a large hatch above it which swings up to create a shield that covers the back of the shooter and can swivel a full 360 by articulating a wheel positioned on the floor of the turret allowing many different possibilities.This tank allows it to be taken out as well by 6 kill zones place evenly around the tank that once triggered lock up the pedal drive as soon as it is hit.Also there is a an override if the tank is in a precarious postion such as in the middle of a hill climb etc.Although i only have two proto types i have full faith i can produce these tanks under 500 bux each.
My second invention is a pedal powered submarine. Its quite a simple device It consists of a large pvc septic tank liner 9 foot by 12 foot by four foot as the main body and the tapered ends formed around two compartments front and back filled with very large farm tractor inner tubes .The front and back tapers are filled with holes to take in water at top and bottom and the inflation of the tractor tubes will allow the flooding and purgeing of the balast to rise and sink .The drive shaft and conning tower will be the only cuts needed in the main compartment .The first proto type was single person drive but the second protype will focus and a twin person drive system to see if speed can be increased to almost motorized values. Inside the main compartment will be two car battery powered air compressors to inflate the tires in front and back and mounted on the steering is the relese valves for the front and back tubes to allow very controlled dives and quick surfaceing it has twin modified tippmann a5s with a 4500 round feed system powered by high pressure air which as well has off venting to provide climate control to the sub once submerged. THe next proto type will try to tackle climate control automatically but as is i got as far as putting measureing devices to measure air co2 levels and adjusting with on board air manually , effective but requires a little work. this as well can be produced in mass for under 500 bux.
Invention 3 is the strike cycle which is essentially a bycycle done up with a fibre glass shell that covers the rider head to toe its airo dynamic and has hardware that allows u to lock yer paintball gun into the handle bars out of conviently machined holes with spring loaded doors so u can mount and fire up to 2 guns but unused holes do not create possiblility of paintball penetration .The cycle has 4 kill zones and mearly disengages the gearing so the rider mearly needs to plant there feet to keep from toppleing over.

Why you may ask would i put so much time into human powered vehicles??Well it comes down to insurance .Any paintball field owner will tell you that the insurance companys really prefer that u keep humans and motor powered vehicles separate. I mean insurace is the hardest thing to tackle in setting up a paintball field. Its hard enough to assure the insurance company that the game is safe considering the number one goal of the game is to hit someone with a projectile.And the cost of gas is getting to the point that u would have to charge so much to rent it may no longer be affordable.And lastly human power allows sillence , manouverability, and low weight as motors weigh the most in most applications.   

But this is just a few of the ideas i am working on . I value any input because i believe the paintball fields are the way they are cuz people made them the way they assumed the player would want it to be .I have discovered so many things just through my own exposure to paintball since 1986 .The evolution in the the last 20 years of paintball has been amazing in terms of the guns and the tech and the after market parts but sadly most paintball fields haven't . This is my mission and with the help of all those people who have played and found they wanted more from a paintball field i will make the best there is period, because i will listen to what the players want and thats what its all about !!!
Sunday, March 19th, 2006
3:05 am
A lot of people have asked me why i want to start a paint ball company. 
well first how cool would it be to do this for the rest of my life 
And  they never had paint ball guns like this when i was a kid. 
You see it all starts from the basic models 
Tippmann 98 
and the tippmann A5

But they can be turned into this

And even this

there seems to be so many ways you can deck one out
Its crazy how customized u can get with these

they can pretty much replicate any weapon known to movies or war

and it gets worse they have paintball rocket launchers and mortars

and of course one of  my favorites

They even have grenade launchers that attach to the guns

There is a lot more then just this 
but these are the few that stuck out in all the pages i visited . Special thanx to all the peoples  who pics i borrowed . 
A lot of people put there hard work into there , well 
lets face it master pieces. woodsball just keeps getting better and better just can't wait till it get warm out again
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
6:40 am
Landmines and other obsticles

Well here is my first article for Canada paintball 
         Today were going to be covering Paintball land mines ,tripwires , booby traps 
and grenades

Lets start off with grenades. Paintbal grenades started from some silly and some 
down right dangerous beginings . The hardest task was to spread the paint evenly .
The second task was to make it safe . 
I mean armour has advanced for paintball but its not going to stop shrapnel.
So  any pyrotechnic attempts were quickly dismissed as too  dangerous to 
be used. The only option was to follow suit with the paintball guns and 
use compressed air. A technique was used that insured all the tasks 
were met, safety and reliability.Most paintball grenades are different 
variants of a simple idea . The idea is to use a hose that can take 
large expansion with out rupture .That can sustain at least 180 psi. 
There are plenty of materials that fit that bill so thus the variants. 
Essentially they close one side by bending and chokeing off one
 side of the tubeing and binding it off. By adding a collar on the 
other side to regulate material exhaust rate you have created the
 base in to which a plug is inserted. The plug sometimes a  
ball bearing just large enough to be not dislodged by the 180 psi 
pressure pushing on it but small enough that a strike on the 
ground will dislodge it. Some have a hat like plastic piece that 
reminds me of a thimble to do the job of the ball bearing. below 
is a colection of the most common paint grenades available.

Below are fine example of milsim smoke grenades
Ok lets get to the mines and the booby traps 
below are some of the mostrealistic looking mines available. These
 fire paint up to six metres .When u step on one of these 
bad boys  you get so drenched in paint its realism is impressive
Esentially that pile 
of disks are the paint ,the 
smoke and sound effects. And although the mines seem expensive 
the burst disks are aprox 5bux cdn fer 25 so its a bit of an outlay 
to begin with but can be cheaper that other choices. such as 

 is shown with its refil tube extended it requires burst tubes (on right)
 to give sound effects and smoke that of course is sold seprately . 
this can be filled with a wide choice of cheap dry , mix it yourself 
style or premixed 2 litre bottles. THe latter is nearly twice the dry 
mix but is considered more reliable. 
Another style of ordinace is trip wire style mines.Now the first two
 mines can be rigged to be trip wire but there are some fine 
prebuilt for purpose trip wire mines.
Now the ring in
 the lower part of the picture 
is attached to a cord that triggers up to two 12 gram co2 canisters 
launching a massive exhaust of air and paint mixture.This product
 is reusable and ingeniously easy to set up.But then we got 
big toys for rich boys with the remote controlled fire mine below.

These are quite expensive but lets face 
it way cool.

so on to launchers and exotics
Launchers and exotics come in many shapes and sizes with 
many different ideas of how to 
send a gob load of paint in new ways

Above are a launcher ammo combo . The nerf rocket is modified
 to include a bladder to shoot paint in a spiral pattern covering a 
great deal of ground . Some are modified with things as 
simple as scotch tape over the hole to cause it to only spray on
 impact. Then theres the other school of thought. Basically if 
you want coverage why not just shoot a butt load of paint balls.
well auto matics have the ability to send a line of paint balls in 
fully automatic mode but not wide coverage
. THis school of thought is to make a wall of paint all 
comming syncronized . As well spread  an almost balanced
 cover over a 25 foot area with one shot . 

Now thes are known as Thunder launchers after the 
ordinace that fits inside them. now these 
are intereasting because the gun needs no air .its the
 ammo that holds the air basically charged 
by this  Above is 
the charger and its two types of 
ammmo.The shells are first charged with air then loaded with
 paintballs in its openings. The single holed shell holds i 
believe 5 paintballs and the 5 hole holds 5 each hole.
The latter makes a cascadeing wall of paintballs covering 
thickly in paint all that is in its path for 25 feet. Then of 
course if you don't want to have a separate wide supresion 
weapon , you can mount many differnt options directly 
onto a normal paintball gun such as
now this 
can fire the thunder grenades 
shown above or this cheaper option
This allows you to even use old toilet paper tubes as an 
option, however the kits are cheap enough to not need 
to improvise.

The realistic approach to simulated warfare is advanceing 
at quite a rate . Its revitalizing the sport of paintball and 
allowing people to role play in such realistic ways. 
sure beats the days of playing  cap gun cowboys


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Monday, March 6th, 2006
3:37 pm
Welcome to Canada Paintball!!!! these entrys are all about the fields we have gone to and are going to .Today its Sgt splatters. http://www.sgtsplatters.com . Well lets start off sgt splatters has a great deal on mondays Its half price madness . Normal entry is 35 dollar cdn fer entrance and that includes equipment . But all day mondays and tuesday, wednesday and thursday its half price till 4pm. The price on the half price day is $2.50 fer equipment owners and $15 bux fer rental.there located at eglington and duffrin on a street called wingold. From there website it gives fairly good pictures and give u a genral idea of what to expect . They have a half decent pro shop but nothing is listed online.tonight my team and i will try out sgt splatters and will write a full review after.

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